Healthy Tips : 4 Simple steps do it yourself to the clear skin





1. A formula to freshen up and radiant your skin.
Wash your face with warm water until clean.  With skin on, blend half of an apple then mask on your face except the eyes area and leave it on for about 25 minutes then rinse off.

2. Formula to reduce wrinkles to a clear and smooth skin.
Blend half of the apple, add one teaspoon of lime juice, mixed well then apply on your face except the eyes area, leave it on for 10 minutes then rinse off.

3. Formula for elevated and firm skin, not rough.
Use three tablespoons of yogurt and three small size tomatoes, blend them together and mask your face but leave the eyes area.  Leave it on for 15 minutes then rinse off.

4. Formula to cleanse and reduce blemish skin.
Mix one cup of yogurt with one tablespoon of powdered salt, apply on your face and gently scrub for 5 minutes and leave it on for another 5 minutes then wash off.  Repeat this process once a month for best result.


10 tips to feeling happier now

                Are you happy? It’s such an important question that British Prime Minister David Cameron recently created a national happiness index to check on how Brits feel. Even Facebook is measuring the Gross National Happiness of its members.
We’re asking because happiness has a huge impact on your health, from your arteries to your heart, from the glow in your skin to the pep in your step.
Happy feelings influence your brain and body chemistry in ways that make you better able to cope with pain and stress, and to fend off colds, flu, heart disease, even cancer. The effects of happiness on your health can be even bigger than the effect of quitting smoking. If you’re happy, you’ll likely live longer and definitely live younger!
And here’s the thing: Being happy isn’t just luck. You can make yourself happier, day in, day out. Here are 10 ways to get started:
1. Listen to music. Whether you love Bach or the Beastie Boys, music that makes you feel good increases your heart and breathing rates, and makes your brain release dopamine, a lovely feel-good neurotransmitter.
2. Hang out with upbeat friends. Your chances of happiness increase by 15 per cent if someone in your immediate social circle is happy.
3. Take a joy break. Don’t worry if you’re among the 80 per cent who say their job doesn’t thrill them. Even a few minutes of doing something you love (singing, hiking, watching a sunset) can reduce anxiety and improve your mood.
4. Talk nice to yourself. Is your inner voice quick to snap out things like: “How could you forget that, you idiot?” Trade put-downs for encouraging words; you can do this. They set you up for success.
5. Connect. Talk, really talk, to people you care about; connecting is good for you both. Get physical, too: Hugs stimulate oxytocin, the “cuddle hormone,” giving you a feel-good boost. Lovemaking does, too, in steady relationships (those couples report the highest happiness levels).
6. Keep a gratitude journal. Simply writing down what you’re thankful for makes you healthier and more optimistic.
7. Don’t sit around. Physical activity is a significant happiness booster. Get moving for 30 minutes a day.
8. Meditate. We do. It eases stress, improves sleep, strengthens immunity and measurably increases happiness (in one study, by 20 points on a scale of 100).
9. Help others. Volunteer at a soup kitchen, hospital or shelter. Giving back adds more meaning, which is essential to happiness in your life.
10. Go outside. Spending time with Mother Nature makes you feel alert, enthusiastic, full of energy and, simply, happy.



Key of love

” if you love something…let it go,

if it comes back to you

it was  truly meant to be”

                                                                                     Thirasophon priest

Background of Bang Fai Dok

Last week we talked about background of Bang Fai Dok in Sukhothai. Today, we talk continued about Bang Fai Dok in Ayutthaya  and………..

After, the Ayutthaya period came the Rattanakosin period, and the word “len fai – playing the fire was lost; and “chut dok mai fai” replaced it. And there are evidences for relating a kind of Bang Fai; moreover, it shows lighting Dok Mai Pherng has involved the tradition that are royal and citizen ceremonies such as ritual of religion, funeral etc. The evidence that can relates to them is ‘Bun Nowat Khamchan’ – a kind of poem. It was composed by Phra Mahanak who lived in Wat Tha Sai, Prince Baromakote reogn in Ayutthaya period. He explains the Phra Phutthabat cerebration that took place in the lighting Dok Mia Pherng for offering the Buddha poem.

Fai Pha Nieng is a beautiful Dok Mai Pherng. It is made with a bamboo tube. When it is lit it shoots fire and sparks and is very loud. All ceremonies have to use them as ‘Bun Nowat Khumchan’ book mentioned “Pha Nieng is very loud, the light is a beautiful bright”. (Sittha Saluk-khum, 1997)

In the northern of Thailand it is called Bok Fai Dok or Pha Nieng and took place on Bun Dern Kao or Chi Bok Fai celebration in July. It is called Bok Fai Dok in Lam Pang and Prae Provinces. It is a part of the Song Nam Phra, Loy Kratong and Phra non ceremonies. Every year, they have held these ceremonies for offerings to Buddha. (Yan Songmuangkan)

In addition, Bang Fai Dok has hidden the moral in them that is living-birth and death. It can separate into five levels:

The first level is beginning/birth. The second is living. The third is death. The fourth is living in the air; in other words, it is spirit. And finally, it is paying respect to people who are kind, reap the consequences, and the wisdom.

Background of Bang Fai Dok

There are different names of Bang Fai Dok depending on geography. Dok Mai Pherng was called in the middle part of Thailand. Sometimes, they called it Fai Pha Nieng. Bang Fai Dok or Dok Mai Pherng has been lost in the middle of Thailand. Thai people prefer fireworks that use by the chemicals and are easy to make and use. However, it remains part of their oral history. I have a brief the history of Dok Mai Pherng or Bang Fai Dok.

Based on the Prince Khun Ramkhamhaeng stone tablet noted the activities and ceremonies in SuKhothai period. “ … Sukhotahai has four the doors. People wanted to see someone set fire to candles and played fire, so Sukhothai was well known…”  This letter related laying with fire, but it did not how they played. However, it may be about focus on some activities such as lighting incense; go through the fire and following the light.

To be continue…………….

Bang Fai Dok – continue

                 Cultures and traditions are important to the way of life in community because they help people to live together peacefully. Thai people have inherited a value of culture and tradition for a long time. And it has become the custom and the moral rules in communities (Priest Wimolkittisunthorn, 2005). Nowadays, some traditions and activities are being lost because the society, economy and politics have changed. Western culture has influenced Thai society; attitudes, thought, tradition and so on (Udom, 2005). People think that economic progress is the best way to measure a country’s success. In fact, it is an important element for a developing country, but development is not only economy. It includes cultures and traditions because traditions are a way to pass things along from generation to generation (Kua, 2000). The tradition is thing that holds people to be love and unity. Areas are tradition for practice, and they are different mention. For example, in the northeast of Thailand has the traditional practice, Isan people call Heat-Sib-Song-Khlong-Sib-Si (ฮีตสิบสอง ครองสิบสี่). That means 12 months traditions. It appeared in the past, and now Isan people still hold and practice them. However, some traditions may be adaptation on time. Something is being lost because the society is changing. People need to walk together social progress but they can not if they forget values of their communities.

Bang-Fai-Dok is a part of Thai wisdom. It is a type of fireworks. In the past, it used to appear in ceremonies and celebrations, but now it does not because Thai people prefer modern fireworks. As one example is some area is existent. Bang-Fai-Dok still exists that is the northern of Thailand. However, it is interesting about Bang-Fai-Dok at the end of Buddhist lent tradition still exists at Ban Phu Wieng, Saraphi Sub-district, Phoe Sai District, and Ubon Ratchathani Province because other villages around Ban Phu Wieng have lost them that is  local wisdom. Therefore, this research aims to find out the reasons that Bang-Fai-Dok still exists at Ban Phu Wieng but not the surrounding village.

Do you know Bang Fai Dok?

 Today, I would like to talk about some tradition that it may be lost.   Because if the new generation don’t preserve it, it’s just name. Someone might not know it.  Last year, I visit my grandma, I see a tradition which is wonderful. It’s Thai local wisdom. It appears in this only village. why? Surely, I have this answer.

         Before you know What are the factors that contribute to the continuation of Bang Fai Dok at Ban Phu Wieng, Saraphi Sub-district, Phoe Sai District, Ubon Ratchathani Provincethe answer, do you know what is Bang Fai Dok. Now, let’s go

Bang-Fai-Dok is like firework. It is a kind of rocket that is used for traditions and ceremonies.

21 power food for women

Improve your diet with food that keep you healthy, slow aging, prevent disease, boost energy and more. now, let’s go 1 in 21 power food for women!
The flavonol quercetin, which is found in apples, is one of the most potent antioxidant of flavonoids. Quercetin also has anti- inflammatory and anti cancer actions.

  • Helps prevent lung cancer
  • Reduces risk of stroke
  • Excellent source of fiber

Reference: Nicola Reavley; Nature & Health magazine